Michael Hagedorn sur son processus créatif

Il explique au non-initié la fonction des créations intermédiaires en céramique, qui ne sont pas destinées à un public autre que le créateur, qui s’en sert pour nourrir sa créativité et apprendre par l’exécution et la mémoire du mouvement.

“I usually resist the urge to explain artwork, but I know work like this can be confusing. So, let me try at least to describe the process. Work like I did in graduate school is often quite private, and often it’s never meant to be shown. You might call it journey work, one piece leading to and informing the direction of the next, using the subconscious as an ally, and learning from it. The pieces themselves are little more than a breadcrumb trail. They may ignore other’s ideas of beauty, or what’s pretty. There may be no effort to sell them. When released from those tethers, if lucky, the work can guide and teach the creator. And if very lucky, it can be interesting to others.

But most important is to keep moving. To keep exploring. To be led by the work, by the products of the body and not of mentation. I still use this challenging, uncertain and yet edifying creative toolbox for so many things.”