Recettes de boue pour retenir le sol

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I’ve been trying something new this past year, having never been happy with traditional keto muck because of its hard and nearly water-imperviousness when dry. The first time was with my first apprentice Bobby Curttright, with the hemlock growing out of the rock that we did last spring. Since then we’ve used this several times, and I continue to appreciate it’s flexibility of use.

This idea comes from Hawaii, adding corn starch as a binder. Roughly (and you can adjust proportions according to need): 1/3 small akadama plus dust, 1/3 long fibered sphagnum moss (not peat), and 1/3 corn starch. The trick is how you treat the corn starch. Before adding them together, take the corn starch and mix it in some water, then pop it in the microwave. You might have to add more water and cook it several times, but you want a jelly. Then add that to the others.

We’ve found that more corn starch than 1/3 is often needed. It’s very pliable, and forms a dense mass once it’s dried a bit that has great penetrability when watered.